More Research Examples

Here are a few more NPR examples for you to examine:

Here’s a story examining economic populism and the ideological conflict Democrats have with this principle.

Frank DeFord examines the question, “Should character count in sports awards?”

Finally, this Mind Shift article discusses if schools should teach social media skills

Ms. O’Connor

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NPR Example

Here is another example of an argument that isn’t necessarily persuasive or combative. Take note of how NPR uses neutral verbs in the article; it isn’t clear that NPR is advocating a particular position on the meat industry. Furthermore, note how NPR introduces ideas that run counter to the book they review. If this was a longer piece, NPR would further develop these counterarguments.

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Changing Education Paradigms

This video outlines a talk given by Sir Ken Robinson on education. There are many parallels between Robinson’s argument and Emerson’s piece on education, which we will discuss in class. Robinson is a well-known educational speaker and advisor.

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Education Discussion Continued

Each section of AP Lang began thought-provoking discussions about the current state of education in America. In 1B, part of the discussion referenced the advantages that some students receive based on the income level of their parents. Here is a 2011 New York Times article that discusses a study Michael Hurwitz conducted on legacy admissions in elite institutions. This article is just one of many about the topic. If you’re interested in the subject, Hurwitz published a book entitled Affirmative Action for the Rich. This article previews some of the text’s main assertions. We will continue these discussions throughout the year.

Finally, we also briefly discussed the limitations presented by the structure of many school systems. Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk explores the idea of how schools may kill creativity in students.


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